Remote access allows supporting remote computers from different locations any time.

So you can easily access computer when you are not at home, or troubleshoot someone else’s computer issues without going to their house! That’s why a good remote access tool is a lifesaver. It can be made through built-in tools, downloadable programs, and browser-based solutions. Like many awesome things, a remote log-in may cost a fortune (because it is so cool). But there is a better solution.

Here, we’ll share a few simple steps how to access and control your devices remotely through Fixico — the easiest way to access another computer. You do not need to install some extra software and overall is simple as ABC and will be surprised how easy it all can be!

Sign in with Fixico from any browser

The entire process will take just a few moments.

Choose a required device and ask for permission (if needed)

Once you’ve chosen a device, you will see a red or green icon. A green icon doesn’t require any additional steps. A red one means that a device owner’s permission is required. Send a request by clicking on the red or green button in the left corner.

Screenshot_01You will see a pending authorization process.


Access the device remotely

After you have received an owner’s permission, you free to manage this device remotely like you are sitting in front of it. Voila – you’ve got access!

By the way, a device owner can turn off the remote access, simply changing the settings and clicking on the button.