LinkedIn is the most popular business oriented social network. Because of its huge popularity, security issues should be a matter of concern. While its accounts are already protected, we advise you to take some additional steps to ensure your data is 100% safe.

  1.   Check your “Privacy and settings”. This section allows you to decide on what you want to share, display or receive. These settings on LinkedIn seem a little bit complicated. There you will see many of them, but here are the most important ones.

  • “Select who can see your activity feed.” By default, it is “your connections,” which means that only people you approved to be your connections can see the activity on your profile.
  • Turn your activity broadcasts on or off: if you don’t want your connections to see the changes you make, simply uncheck this option.
  • You can limit people who can see your connections and what is more important remember that by default people know when you check their profile. Still, you can change the setting – and voila! You are anonymous.
  1.   Consider Two-Step Verification to prevent other people from accessing your account. It guarantees much stronger protection and lets you reduce identity theft and unauthorized access to sensitive information. LinkedIn offers you this option, so every time you login you will need an SMS the system will send to your phone.
  1.   We know that you know. Remember about strong passwords and do not underestimate them.
  1.   Watch out your emails. Phishing is a common practice of criminals trying to steal your personal information, and your money, so you should always look out for fraudulent emails. LinkedIn will never ask its users to provide banking or financial information as well as open any attachments or files. Check where such email will direct you. If it directs you anywhere, but LinkedIn website, be sure – it is an ugly phishing attempt.
  1.   Be aware about fake accounts – even LinkedIn has hackers! If you’ve found such, you can block or report about it. To do so, click on “Send a Message” in the person’s profile, choose “Block or Report” in the drop down bar.

Not enough information? Got some questions? Do not hesitate and check online LinkedIn Safety Center.