As personal computers continue to dominate our business and private lives, there is more of a need than ever for automatic maintenance that will keep your PC safe, fast and up-to-date.

Since technology is always evolving, we need to keep an eye on all the relevant technological and social changes that will often impact your everyday processes and routine.


  1. PC market returns to growth

Over the past 30 years, PC computers have literally exploded throughout the world – from 2,000 units shipped in 1960 per year to over 65 million per quarter in 2015.

However, the sky is not always blue, and in 2011 “The Wall Street Journal” announced that the personal computer is in crisis, and computer sales are in free fall. Over the last several years, quite a few tech bloggers have predicted the “death of the PC” and it’s replacement by mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Yes, in emerging markets people still see the smartphone as the main device, however, the mature markets act differently. And here it comes: Gartner forecasts that following a long period of stagnation and decadence, the PC market is returning to growth in 2018, while IDC predicts that this will happen only in 2019.

This magical comeback of traditional PC to our lives can be explained by some major technological shifts in the PC industry, the refinement of hybrid and convertible designs as well as automated maintenance services, such as Fixico, that take care of all your personal or business computer needs.

  1. Migration to the cloud continues

Globalization continues leading to the growth of mobile workplace solutions, and cloud-based services are still on the rise in 2018. Cloud computing facilitates the effective management of centralized processes allowing the data and services be accessible from anywhere.

Thanks to our cloud-based technology, Fixico can remotely and discreetly clean up and maintain your computer, keeping it safe and fast.

  1.  Increasing focus on cybersecurity

Unfortunately, computer hackers and their tools are evolving with the speed of light. And they are here to stay. When it comes to cybersecurity, personal computers are both an attractive target for hackers and a “weak link” in the ongoing war against cyber criminals. If you have personal data (usernames, passwords, credentials, emails, documents), money (even a bit) or a workplace, you’re definitely under a constant threat.

Please stop repeating “It won’t happen to me” and start thinking about your security vulnerabilities. It’s up to you to protect your identity, reputation, memories, and property. The stakes are high.

Fixico is obsessed with monitoring and maintaining the safety of personal computers. Our automated service is based on extremely secure IBM technology, used by the US authorities according to the FIPS 140-2 Standard (Federal Information Processing Standard, a U.S. government computer security standard used to accredit cryptographic modules) of the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST).

Our trusty crew will help to better monitor and eliminate security vulnerabilities of personal computers, particularly reducing the potential danger of cyber attacks.