What is Fixico?


30 years after personal computers were introduced people are still being bombarded with endless messages asking them to update this, allow that, block or unblock something or other. Our objective, therefore, is to enable people worldwide to use their computers to work, play, learn – instead of wasting time figuring out computer problems, performing maintainance, installing updates, getting rid of junk files, defragging and managing antivirus, antispyware and anti-adware programs. We want your computers to work safely and smoothly, worry-free.

Fixico is like having a mini IT guy in your computer that works 24/7, never eats, never sleeps, and is always making sure that your computers are running smoothly, efficiently and safely – without bothering you.


Fixico is an expert IT management solution enabling consumers and small and medium-sized businesses to enjoy the same computer performance and security large companies enjoy. Based on IBM®®’s end point management technology (IEM), Fixico provides highly targeted, automatic, real-time identification, investigation and resolution of hardware and software issues. By combining the best IT practices and technology of IBM®’s enterprise-grade solution, streamlined for consumers and small businesses with an easy to use interface, Fixico enables anyone to enjoy secure, cost effective, efficient and worry-free computer operations.

Top Fixico features

See all of your families computer’s in one place

Adding and managing other computers in your family (or your friends or co-workers) is easy. Simply select settings for them (for example for your kids – with adult content filtering) and let us do the heavy lifting. Manage all of them from just about anywhere – via the cloud.

Toolbar destroyer

Fixico automatically scans and allow you to remove common adware, toolbars and potentially unwanted programs from your computers. This will allow you to increase productivity while using the internet. (Need to remove more toolbars? Please contact our support with the details and we’ll see what we can do.)

Manage mobile devices remotely

Connect all your mobile devices to your Fixico account to manage mobile settings remotely. With Fixico Mobile Agent, you can easily locate your kid’s phone, find your own if it is lost or misplaced, protect your devices from theft, install and remove applications and even more.

Access computer directly from a browser.

One click connection. Manage your remote machine as if you’re in front of it. No additional software, full web-browser functionality. (Windows only)

Managed Antivirus Service

Automatically scans and removes malware, viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware, adware. Automatically updated.(Antivirus is lightweight and doesn’t take a lot of system resources – works in the background without interrupting users even while it scans.)

Block Malicious Sites

(Web Reputation Module)Blocks sites that may infect your computers with viruses or steal personal information using a regularly updated database.



Automatic Updates & Security Patches

Antivirus is not enough; to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting security holes in unpatched programs we keep everything updated with the latest security patches. We also keep your OS and common programs updated with the latest functionality updates to keep them running smoothly.(We update everything while you sleep.)

Background operation

Fixico monitors, updates, patches, scans, remediates, removes and fixes automatically. All is scheduled not to interfere with your normal computer activities.




Restricts access to social media

Fixico offers an option to restrict access to the following social networks – Facebook, Twitter & GooglePlus.(Want more social networks blocked? Please contact our support and we’ll see what we can do.)

Adult content filtering

Got kids at home that like to surf the web? We offer several levels of protection – from hardcore adult content to questionable non-family friendly sites, we provide the level of protection you and your family require!

Regularly cleans registry

We regularly scan your registry for errors and remove/fix them as needed. Errors in the registry, for example entries pointing to programs that aren’t there anymore, or duplicate and redundant entries can hinder your computer’s performance and impair program functionality.

24/7 Analysis & Monitoring

Fixico is always on the job: monitoring, diagnosing and analyzing your computers 24/7, looking for anything that might hurt performance or compromise security. In most cases we fix things automatically and invisibly. Occasionally we will need your input and we will notify you. You will be able to take action with a click of a button.

Performance Optimization

Fixico is always alert, working around the clock to detect anything that may hurt your PC’s performance. We make sure your computer’s resources are allocated efficiently and that your hardware is adequate for your needs. A well maintained computer is a fast computer, and here at Fixico, we like to keep things fast.




Regularly defrags and
removes junk files 

Junk files Your Hard drive is not always the tidiest place on earth, filled up with junk files left by the operating system and many programs. Removing these from time to time can improve performance.

Defragmentation – When your hard drive records new data it doesn’t do it tidily, it can record one bit of information here and another way over there. Defragmentation takes these wayward fragments and bunches them up together so your computer will have easier time finding the stuff you want it to find. And it helps performance too.

Substantially reduces PC crashes and freezes

Crashes and freezes are caused by viruses, spyware, registry errors, faulty unpatched programs. Fixico is all about smooth performance, discreetly taking care of all of these.

Centralized Software Distribution

Install common software to any or all computers in your service with a single click!



Data Loss Protection – Restrict external drives

Worried about data theft? No worries – with one click, no one will be able to copy anything off of your computer without you saying so. Especially useful for businesses.


Increase PC stability and protect your privacy

PC stability, among other things, depends on a strong AVS solution, updated programs and a clean registry. Using several service type programs in conjuction can hurt stability (especially more than one Antivirus) and Fixico deals with this by acting in their place.