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2018 Trends That Will Shape The Future of PC Maintenance Industry

As personal computers continue to dominate our business and private lives, there is more of a need than ever for automatic maintenance that will keep your PC safe, fast and up-to-date.

Since technology is always evolving, we need to keep an eye on all the relevant technological and social changes that will often impact your everyday processes and routine. Continue reading

Why Fixico – Questions and Answers

There are many features we are proud to offer within Fixico packages and yet there are a bunch of questions we receive daily from the users. Unlike many other services, Fixico is an all-in-one solution at affordable price. And that‘s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out these Q&A for a more detailed stuff.

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Fixico Helps Manage Your Family’s Multiple Devices and Сomputers

Are you searching for a perfect solution to make all the family devices and PCs work fast and smooth? We’ve done it for you.

So you and your family use different devices and computers for just about everything. All of them need your support once in awhile: the spouse asks to scan her PC for viruses, your grandma can’t install Messenger app on her phone, and kids… Well, these guys are too smart and you want to make sure their online activity is safe. If there were one simple solution to save your time… And there is one!

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Essential Tips To Clean up Your PC for Free

A New Year sets a fresh start to improve your life, health and relationships. With a fast, clean and secured PC, it will keep your performance in a top shape.

Did you know that uncleaned for a year computers have about 10 GB of data files? With regular effort, however, it’s possible to keep a Windows system perform fast and smoothly. So let’s get started with simple steps that will let you turn over a new leaf in 2016.

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Incredible Things That We Are Proud of in 2015

Ok, we are calling it early, but here are some things we are proud of making this year.

As we look back on 2015 performance, quite a lot was done. Still, even more we are planning to do in making your PCs and devices faster, more secure and happier overall in 2016. Hopefully, these things will be an inspiration to get better results out of the serving you, our clients.

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How to Protect Yourself from Adobe Flash Player

Flash is badly known for the vulnerabilities. It’s a regular in-road for criminals and malware. That’s why here are simple guidelines and a short background to shield your PC.

Everybody knows that Steve Jobs hated Adobe Flash products, both for technical and business reasons. Back to 2010, in his open letter Steve gave up on Flash on the Apple products explaining the decision with energy consumption, poor performance on mobile devices, abysmal security, lack of touch support, and desire to avoid “a third party layer of software coming between the platform and the developer” .

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Top Must-Have Fixico Features For Your Business

More and more companies are making a connection between strong IT investment and better business performance.

For small businesses and midsized companies alike, latest IT support and technologies can be challenging. Yet you do not have to be a big company to compete like one – with a right IT-solution, gains are easy to achieve. But not all the solutions are made equal – that’s why we decided to highlight killer Fixico features that will help you stay on the top of running your IT support and business in the result.

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4 Myths of Antivirus That May Harm Your Computer

We all want to make our computer faster, happier and more secure. Still, there are many myths about the existing threats and ways to overcome them and many common users pass up the opportunity to go deeper. Here are 4 most accepted misconceptions of antivirus protection to get rid of.

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Forget These Security Habits with Fixico

If you’ve heard of internet security, you know how important it is to keep your and your family devices safe on the web.

Good security software protects your PC, mobiles, and tablets, so you can enjoy surfing the web. Bad news: apart from security software, security habits are a must, not an option. Good news: don’t bother; Fixico is dealing with the most of it. Here is an overview of security habits you can forget with Fixico and helpful measures you should be doing right now.

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Why Multiple Antiviruses Do NOT Work

Many users willing to have a better protection in today’s cyber world decide to install and use more than one antivirus simultaneously. Their logic is simple: one is good, and two should work better?

After installing multiple antiviruses, they face a bunch of problems. So let’s define the reasons for them, but firstly, let’s clear out how antivirus works and which ones are best (Read more: The Best Antivirus Protection for Your PC).

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