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Beware: New Phishing Techniques Are Here!

Have you already heard about vishing and smishing? It’s not a joke, but a tricky and smart scam scheme. New frauds are increasingly sophisticated and you are much more likely to get one from someone you trust. It’s not a “Nigerian prince” letter anymore. Let’s have a close look.

As we know, phishing attempts come via email or instant messages in a form of attachments or links to the fraud websites. There you will be asked to enter your personal or even banking information and then scammers will use this info for their own (not very good) purposes, but it’s not all.

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Why Fixico – Questions and Answers

There are many features we are proud to offer within Fixico packages and yet there are a bunch of questions we receive daily from the users. Unlike many other services, Fixico is an all-in-one solution at affordable price. And that‘s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out these Q&A for a more detailed stuff.

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Top Must-Have Fixico Features For Your Business

More and more companies are making a connection between strong IT investment and better business performance.

For small businesses and midsized companies alike, latest IT support and technologies can be challenging. Yet you do not have to be a big company to compete like one – with a right IT-solution, gains are easy to achieve. But not all the solutions are made equal – that’s why we decided to highlight killer Fixico features that will help you stay on the top of running your IT support and business in the result.

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Forget These Security Habits with Fixico

If you’ve heard of internet security, you know how important it is to keep your and your family devices safe on the web.

Good security software protects your PC, mobiles, and tablets, so you can enjoy surfing the web. Bad news: apart from security software, security habits are a must, not an option. Good news: don’t bother; Fixico is dealing with the most of it. Here is an overview of security habits you can forget with Fixico and helpful measures you should be doing right now.

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Do Not Connect to Public Wi-Fi!

Here are useful tips to stay safe and secure while using free Wi-Fi spots.

Nowadays, free Wi-Fi is everywhere: in the coffee shops, hotels and airports — they can save you time and money. So you can easily chat and work 24/7 almost from any place on the go. Still, an easy access does not usually comes with our safety, and no costs for the internet access may cost you much more in the future.

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