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2018 Trends That Will Shape The Future of PC Maintenance Industry

As personal computers continue to dominate our business and private lives, there is more of a need than ever for automatic maintenance that will keep your PC safe, fast and up-to-date.

Since technology is always evolving, we need to keep an eye on all the relevant technological and social changes that will often impact your everyday processes and routine. Continue reading

Beware: New Phishing Techniques Are Here!

Have you already heard about vishing and smishing? It’s not a joke, but a tricky and smart scam scheme. New frauds are increasingly sophisticated and you are much more likely to get one from someone you trust. It’s not a “Nigerian prince” letter anymore. Let’s have a close look.

As we know, phishing attempts come via email or instant messages in a form of attachments or links to the fraud websites. There you will be asked to enter your personal or even banking information and then scammers will use this info for their own (not very good) purposes, but it’s not all.

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Tips To Stay Secure on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular business oriented social network. Because of its huge popularity, security issues should be a matter of concern. While its accounts are already protected, we advise you to take some additional steps to ensure your data is 100% safe.

  1.   Check your “Privacy and settings”. This section allows you to decide on what you want to share, display or receive. These settings on LinkedIn seem a little bit complicated. There you will see many of them, but here are the most important ones.

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The U.S. government recommends: Uninstall Apple’s QuickTime from your computer immediately

Are you using QuickTime? Well, you should seriously consider uninstalling it. And here is why…

The U.S. government recommends all Windows users to uninstall Apple’s QuickTime audio/video program. According to TrendMicro, Apple’s QuickTime contains two critical security vulnerabilities. However, Apple is no longer responsible for the new updates. So do not hesitate to uninstall it as soon as possible.

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Are You Still Using Windows XP?

You are not alone. According to TechCrunch data, Windows XP remains the third most popular operating system with its 10.9% market share. It was released more than a decade ago, far-far away in 2001. That’s the year when Euro started its circulation, the first iPod presented and first movie on Harry Potter released. Yes, it was so long ago. That’s sad.

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Ransomware: What You Need to Know

In this article, we will tell what ransomware is, how to avoid it and get your computer back.

So here you are surfing the web, chatting with friends and suddenly watching a pop-up window appear on the screen. It stops all the processes on your computer asking to pay for its disappear.  Seems ridiculous, but don’t tell it thousands of people who have become victims of ransomware attacks. This type of malware forces its victims to pay to get access to their systems or their data back. It is a new and hot method the cyber thefts to pull cash from the pockets of innocent users.

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Essential Tips To Clean up Your PC for Free

A New Year sets a fresh start to improve your life, health and relationships. With a fast, clean and secured PC, it will keep your performance in a top shape.

Did you know that uncleaned for a year computers have about 10 GB of data files? With regular effort, however, it’s possible to keep a Windows system perform fast and smoothly. So let’s get started with simple steps that will let you turn over a new leaf in 2016.

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How to Stay Safe Online on Holiday Season

The US unofficial kickoff of the holiday season starts this week. Thanksgiving along with Black Friday sale, Christmas, New Year – yes, the best time of the year is on its way. It has never been easier to get the things you want.

According to statistics, an average American family spends over USD 700 over Christmas time only. The biggest portion of total spendings goes over gifts – that’s 550 USD for a family. Among the latest trends — over 50% of all purchases are made online.

With all that deals online, cyber criminals are chasing their prime opportunity to cut a melon. Here’s an ultimate guideline to stay safe online and not let the best part of the year get suckered.

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How to Protect Yourself from Adobe Flash Player

Flash is badly known for the vulnerabilities. It’s a regular in-road for criminals and malware. That’s why here are simple guidelines and a short background to shield your PC.

Everybody knows that Steve Jobs hated Adobe Flash products, both for technical and business reasons. Back to 2010, in his open letter Steve gave up on Flash on the Apple products explaining the decision with energy consumption, poor performance on mobile devices, abysmal security, lack of touch support, and desire to avoid “a third party layer of software coming between the platform and the developer” .

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Top Must-Have Fixico Features For Your Business

More and more companies are making a connection between strong IT investment and better business performance.

For small businesses and midsized companies alike, latest IT support and technologies can be challenging. Yet you do not have to be a big company to compete like one – with a right IT-solution, gains are easy to achieve. But not all the solutions are made equal – that’s why we decided to highlight killer Fixico features that will help you stay on the top of running your IT support and business in the result.

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