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Tips To Stay Secure on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular business oriented social network. Because of its huge popularity, security issues should be a matter of concern. While its accounts are already protected, we advise you to take some additional steps to ensure your data is 100% safe.

  1.   Check your “Privacy and settings”. This section allows you to decide on what you want to share, display or receive. These settings on LinkedIn seem a little bit complicated. There you will see many of them, but here are the most important ones.

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Forget These Security Habits with Fixico

If you’ve heard of internet security, you know how important it is to keep your and your family devices safe on the web.

Good security software protects your PC, mobiles, and tablets, so you can enjoy surfing the web. Bad news: apart from security software, security habits are a must, not an option. Good news: don’t bother; Fixico is dealing with the most of it. Here is an overview of security habits you can forget with Fixico and helpful measures you should be doing right now.

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